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We work with Retail Trading & Operations teams to create bespokeresources and technical training relating to Buying, Merchandising & Online roles & responsibilities.

Constructing bespoke packages for your new starter, designed to give them all the information they need as they start their journey with you.

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Creating a library of learning resources for trading teams to support them in their role.

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Collaborating with clients to provide effective blended solutions to embed updated or upgraded systems and processes or refresh knowledge of existing learning.

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Our Industry.

The retail industry typically has the highest staff turnover – a fact that can be overcome by offering a great learning experience.


of employers now offer career – return programmes


of organisations say they have developed talent internally


believe competition for well educated talent will increase.


of employers have had difficulties recruiting suitable candidates.


How do you retain new employees?
By making them feel valued and engaged!

It’s been proven that companies who have an effective learning path for new starters are more likely to keep their staff and increase retention.

We have years of experience in welcoming people into new Buying & Merchandising roles and can help you take the first step on that path – a learning programme developed specifically for your teams with the information and knowledge they need to start their journey in your business.

We can create eLearning, help with the facilitation of virtual or face to face sessions, and create guides and workbooks to support your users as they learn.

Topics can include: Introductions to Buying & Merchandising, Introductions to systems or processes, and more detailed instruction on how to use the systems required to perform daily tasks such as:

  • WSSI
  • Replenishment Processes
  • Business Objects/Business Information
  • Oracle Retail Systems
    • Retail Price Management​
    • Retail Merchandising System
  • Inventory Data Management systems


Do you have a preferred way that you would like teams to work or are you happy for users to learn ‘a version of the truth’?

Many business rely on peer training but this can lead to inaccuracies, under- utilisation of system functionality leading to a less productive & efficient workforce. By providing your Buying & Merchandising teams with resources that will support them in their role, it will increase their effectiveness and output, resulting in a positive and valued team which benefits not only them but your business too.

We will work with businesses to create relevant resources and once created these can work in two ways:

  • As a Reference tool for users to confirm a process or task where there is no  development programme, thereby reducing error rates;


  • As a Development piece that works in conjunction with the Induction Programme to form a Development Programme.


How do your teams cope when you are performing a small process update or total system upgrade?

Who updates your teams when you need to introduce & embed new
information to them? How can existing users refresh their knowledge
or develop their skills?

At CCW we know it can be tricky for managers to maintain capabilities and knowledge across their workforce. Our job is to make this easier!

  • Large scale changes – CCW can take the Tech Talk & Geek Speak and translate it into user friendly resources, workbooks & guides or facilitated training.
  • Small updates – CCW can help ensure that the information is communicated appropriately and that supporting resources have been updated to reflect the changes.
  • Infrequent activities – If you have processes that occur sporadically, knowledge that needs refreshing in line with key events in the trading calendar or individuals who are just interested in continuous development, we can work with you to create events and support the reskilling or upskilling of your teams.

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What does that mean?
Well, it means we’ll be there to help throughout the year. 

What kind of help will you provide? 
It’s up to you as we can tailor it to meet your needs, but here are a few examples:

  • Undertake to keep all resources up to date, reflecting small changes in processes or functionality; 
  • Provide facilitated training on key topics at key times of the year, i.e sale